SUMMARY: Solaris and Linux filesystems

From: McCormick, Wayne <>
Date: Tue Jun 11 2002 - 14:21:16 EDT
Thanks to Darren Dunham, Kevin Reichart, Brian Sherwood, Thomas Anders,
Brett Lymn, John Riddoch, Rik Schneider, Alvaro Figueroa, and "system
administration account".

The general consesus is that ufs filesystems can be mounted as ro under
Linux.  The rw code is still listed as Experimental and is not at all
recommended for production work.

There doesn't seem to be any support for mounting Linux filesystems under
Solaris except for the possibility of doing so under lxrun, but then perhaps
only as ro.

One person suggested that if the Linux box is Intel, then this is a no go
due to the Endian differences between the Intel and Sparc architecture.

An alternative would be to use Veritas filesystem, but I don't think our
power user would like to pay for a license to run it at home on his Linux

Thanks again for the responses.

Wayne McCormick

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Subject: Solaris and Linux filesystems

Does anyone know of I can take a disk formated with UFS and plug it
physically into a Linux host and mount the filesystem rw?  Are there any
implications when that same disk is moved back to a Solaris/Sparc platform?

What about going the other way?  A linux filesystem (which one?) mounted on
a Solaris/Sparc server?

We use Solaris 8.

Wayne McCormick
EnCana Corporation
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