SUMMARY:Patch Automation tolls: patchdiag, patchcheck

From: John Rams <>
Date: Tue Jun 11 2002 - 01:04:25 EDT

Thanks to Wolfgang, Kevin and 2 other admins (whose name wasn't obvious-thanks but)

* : perl script has the ability to write the output to html
which allows you create a tar ball of outstanding patches.

* I use my own slightly modified version of (it's a Perl
script, so hack away!). Given that the admins will *always* need to review the
patch READMEs to decide which patches are worth applying, I simply run on a few sample machines (not the same each time), then look at the
emails and investigate those patches that appear to be relevant.

* I suppose I should keep a database of patches I've already reviewed,
and modify to flag those patches as "already looked at" in the
report, but it hasn't been a high enough priority yet.


* we use this for automation of patches 
# G A S P !  
# Georgetown Automated Solaris Patchtool 
# Automated Solaris patch downloads from Sunsolve.

thanks to all

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From: "John Rams" <>
Date: Tue, 04 Jun 2002 14:44:42 -0500
Subject: Patch Automation tolls: patchdiag, patchcheck

> Admins:
> For solaris patch automation,how do you rate these 2 tools patchdiag, patchcheck (just an enhaned patchdiag). Do you have any other alternatives to automatically run
> the cross reference file on multiple servers on muliple releases (such as sunOS5.8 to 5.5, 4.1.3) and mail the admins.
> Any thoughts would be highly appreciated.
> Regards
> John

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