[SUMMARY]Xterm Problem

From: Please Sun <sunsolve_at_hotmail.com>
Date: Sat Jun 08 2002 - 01:42:52 EDT
Dear admin,

	Thanks for your information.

     Background: Solaris Client(Solaris 2.X),
                 Linux Server (Redhat 7.X)

     When I telnet/rsh from solaris to linux machine, sometimes,
     the backgroud for character is reversed (highlight)!!
     type 'reset' will back to normal.
     For example,

     Original  : Screen Backgroud     (Dark Green)
                 Character Background (Dark Green)
                 Character            (Yellow)

     Change to : Screen Background    (Dark Green)
                 Character Background (Yellow)
                 Character            (Dark Green)

>From Carsten:

      For some reason or other, the "xterm" on recent Linux
      versions is not completely backwards compatible with
      ordinaryxterms of common commercial Unixen.  Try setting
      your TERM variable to "xterm-r5" or maybe even "xterm-old";
      that has worked for me.   Eventually, I ended up renaming
      the terminfo file for "xterm-r5" to plain "xterm", and I
      don't seem to be missing any fancy features on that account

From Jeff Markham:

     I have had that same problem.. Try "set term=xterm-sun" or
     "set term=xterm-color" that should do the trick.. Only thing
     I can guess as the cause is that redhat and solaris use
     slightly different (color patch for linux?) versions of xterm
     that have minor differences in the termcap/terminfo capabilities.
     I haven't tested, but it may work to compile xterm from the
     linux distro.. My assumption comes from the fact that the stock
     solaris xterm doesn't give me color when telneted to linux
     even though 'ls --color=force | less' shows all the proper color
     codes. Another thing you can try is another term program..
     dtterm and GNOME Terminal both work with full color for me.

From Frank Huang:

     /opt/sfw/bin/xterm and /usr/dt/bin/dtterm won't  have such
     problem, /usr/openwin/bin/xterm does not support color mode.

Best regards,

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