SUMMARY: sunscreen x ipfilter

From: Huang S. Yann <>
Date: Fri Jun 07 2002 - 14:05:22 EDT
	My original questions:


        Does anyone know the advantages and disavantages between
sunscreen and
ipfilter, in Solaris 8 and maybe in Solaris 9, both on 32-bit (sparc)
machine and 64-bit (sparcv9) machine?

        Which one do you recommend to use?



	Ipfilter it's lighter then Sunscreen.

	While ipfilter is free, sunscreen in Solaris 8 costs money (full
version), but there is a lite free version of sunscreen (limited). In
Solaris 9 sunscreen is in the 2nd CD, that's a full version.

	Ipfilter is cross-plataform while sunscreen isn't.

	A feature reported by
sunscreen has a cool feature where you can run two machines in
parrallel, if one crashes the other picks up the state table and users
don't even loose their current connection. In areas where extremely
high availability is required without even a microsecond's interruption
you might find this useful.

	Thanks for:
Alan B. Clegg" <>


H. S. Yann
System & Network Administrator
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