SUMMARY: Samba Upgrade on Solaris 8 failure...

From: Caparroso, Nelson T. (AAS) <>
Date: Fri Jun 07 2002 - 09:50:20 EDT
It turned out I needed to have our NT Domain go through establishing a
machine account for the Samba server host as MACHINE.SID changes with the
upgrade/re-install. I was right all along...

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> I recently upgraded Samba on a Solaris 8 server (2.07 to 2.2.4)... Then I
> copied back needed entries (shares) from the old smb.conf to the new
> one... we;re using security=domain and have the server just as a member
> server of the NT domain...  Now all the shares are not browsable.. Do I
> need to have this machine's domain account re-added because of the new
> cifs tokens as a result of the upgrade?
> Thanks..
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