Summary: Compiling and using IP-Filter on Solaris 8

From: Andreas Hoeschler <>
Date: Thu Jun 06 2002 - 11:09:58 EDT
Hi all,

thanks to

Antonia Gomez <>
gabriel rosenkoetter <>
"Schmitt, Martin (Dregis STB C)" <>
Steve Devine <>
"Kamalan Govender" <>
Peter Laws <>
Paul Richards <>
Scott Palmer <>
Steve Mickeler <>
"Steve Bagdon" <>
Tim Chipman <>

and especially to

Alex Stade <>

I did not manage to get ip filter working with a self compiled version 
of gcc 3.1. I used the following command to conigure gcc.

	# ../gcc-3.1/configure --prefix=/usr/local --enable-shared 
--enable-threads --with-gnu-as --with-gnu-ld --disable-nls 
--enable-languages=c,c++,objc --disable-libgcj

If anybody knows a reason why this would prevent me from building 64 bit 
stuff please let me know. However, I then downloaded the binary of gcc 
3.1 from and the ip filter sources. Then I did

	mv /usr/local/bin/strip /usr/local/bin/stripper

to temporily disable the gnu strip and then did

	/usr/ccs/bin/make solaris
	cd SunOS5
	/usr/ccs/bin/make package

This compiled and installed ip filter on my machine. Configuration goes 
into /etc/opt/ipf/ipf.conf e.g.

	block in quick on dmfe1 all

to block all incoming traffic from interface dmfe1. The beast is started 
with "/etc/rc2.d/S65ipfboot start". New rules can be set with "ipf -Fa 
-f /etc/opt/ipf/ipf.conf".

Again, thanks to all that respondedn and helped me to get this working. 
Just FYI, Tim Chipman mentioned serious problems with a gcc compiled IPF 
(statement follows).



We deployed IPF here last year, initially using a version compiled with
GCC, and deployed mostly on Solaris 2.6 boxes (but a few sol8 as well)

We had a LOT of problems with the machines "hanging" which was traced
conclusively via core dumps to IPF. (ie, hanging means, no response on
console {or anywhere else} unless you pull the keyboard, and drop into
OK> prompt ; absolute radio silence otherwise). This was happening at
intervals ranging from once per week to once per month, unclear what
caused it precisely other than a loop in IPF getting hung up. Quite
amazing to me that software could hang a machine so bad but .. it was
very conclusive. I guess kernel-level software can do serious damage :-)

Anyhow. To say the least, it was removed pronto from the affected

Later, we tested a slightly more current IPF revision, built with CC
(ie, sun's compiler, not Gcc) and have had it in testing for many months

There are no problems with this install so far.

So: Just thought I should warn you, that GCC-built IPF may cause some
grief.  The support sun folks suggested there were other documented
cases of this in their database, even though they wouldn't tell me how
prevalent the problem was. (hah ha, they just suggest using "sunscreen"
instead of IPF)

If you wish, I can problably get the info on our current version from
the network admin who was doing this work/testing and send that along.
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