SUMMARY - 3d Lite Graphics Card problem

From: Paul Greidanus <>
Date: Wed Jun 05 2002 - 15:02:05 EDT
After playing with a few more ideas, and doing some more 
troubleshooting, I'm convinced that the card is bad, and I'm going to 
phone up Sun and get a new one..

Thanks to Hichael Morton and Brian Catlin for their suggestions.

Paul Greidanus wrote:

> I have a Blade 100 with 2 3d Lite graphics cards in it, connected to 
> (IBM) LCD Panels. (Same problem with Sun 21" Monitors too). 
> When running X in Dual-head mode on both monitors, the brightness on 
> the ifb1 card seems to be way too high, but every setting I can find 
> says that the cards are configured identically..

Paul Greidanus	
Systems Analyst - Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
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