SUMMARY ultra 60 not booting

From: Frati, Louis <>
Date: Wed Jun 05 2002 - 09:15:29 EDT
Thanks to all that replied,
 I didn't have a laptop to connect to see the boot procedure initially but
the sun support engineer found that  the output-device was set for KVM
device, which he changed to screen, which allowed him to see the boot
the final result was to change the video board and I then reset the
outpu-device to the KVM and I'm backup and running.
thanks again.

> Hi All,
> This weekend we had to shutdown an Ultra60 running Solaris 8.
> When we powered it up the system never got past loading the video, I could
> see it hit the keyboard and the video then it would just hang.
> I went to the sun docs and found some info referring to Initializing the
> Motherboard POST, which I tried and got the same results.
> Anybody have any clues here?
> thanks,
> Lou Frati
> Sr. Systems Administrator
> Kaman Corporation
> 1332 Blue Hills Ave.
> Bloomfield, Ct 06002
> (860) 286-4158
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