Summary: Hostname problems

From: Stephen Kelly <>
Date: Tue Jun 04 2002 - 18:39:05 EDT
It was a new installation.....

Rebooted and all worked fine.....


Casper Dik wrote:

>>I have a U10, Solaris 8 02/02, and in
>>I have the hostname listed as a non fully qualified domainname, yet when
>>I give the 'hostname' command I get its fully qualified domainname. Its
>>causing a problem with a package I'm installing. I know the hostname command
>>just does a 'uname -n' and I've trussed this to try and find what file its
>>reading, but without success. So, does anybody know what file its 
>>reading, or
>>how I can change the output of the hostname command without reinstalling
>>the machine???
>Was this a fresh install?  If so, the first time after boot it typica;ly
>gets the hostname from the network; the next boot (second boot after
>install0 uses /etc/nodename)
>The hostname is set from /etc/nodename.

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