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From: Peter Gurney Wickett <>
Date: Mon Jun 03 2002 - 05:03:19 EDT
Original Question:

> Hi everyone,
>  Assuming that the machine has sufficient resources are there any issues
> with running Sybase (ASE 12.0) and Oracle (8.1.7) on the same solaris box
> either 2.6 or 8 (as yet undecided).  In 8 years as an SA I've never seen
> them installed on the same machine and when my boss told me that an
> upcoming project involves just such a configuration - my gut instinct was
> no but I can't think of any good reason why not!

Many thanks to everyone who replied:

The general consenus seems to be that providing the resources are there
there should be be no problem (with one strongly dissenting voice!). The
machine this is going on is a partition of a PrimePower 2000 (8 cpus and 8
Gig RAM).  We will go ahead with tests of the sybase & oracle configuration
on this system - if we run into issues I4ll let the list know.

All the best

Peter Wickett
Sistemes Unix

replied include the following:

Definitly no issues installing the two software packages on the same
machine.  Running them together will be challenging because they both
use shared memory ... and both typically are CPU and System resource hogs
(Oracle much more than Sybase).

You can run them simaultaneously but it will be slow and you'll have to
have a TON of ram to give each the memory they need to be efficient.


   No problem.  We do it.  We have an E450 with Oracle 8.0.6 for
an administrative application and Sybase (11.?) running for our
library system.


Memory and disk contention would be the only concerns....enough of both
and you should be cool.

Doug Otto

Providing you have a lot of separate disks to partition over I don't see
it would be a problem Peter.

John Ellwood

I do not see a problem if they are not going to contend for resourses.
Please share with me/this list if you run into some issues.

Atul Gore

I think you would run into resource issues maybe and shared memory problems
certainly!  I have been in the UNIX world since 1980, and I also have
_NEVER_ seen Oracle and Sybase or Oracle and Informix or any other
combination you can concoct run concurrently on a system.  I had a 10k once
with partitions dedicated to each DB package, but not combined.  Every
database software I have worked with (all of the above) is a resource pig
and a prima donna about shared memory.

See -- that's what happens when we let managers make critical system
decisions.  Astronauts don't let the President fly the shuttle for the same

Elizabeth Lee

There isn't any reason not to, other than the fact you may have a lot of
competition for cpu and disk resources. If the machine has enough capacity
to handle the expected load, then it's just a matter of making sure that
engines don't step on each other's toes. I did it a few years back when I
was short on machines.


Heflin Hogan

Yes you can run them on the same machine.  You do have to be mindfull of
ones's system requirement and filesystem requirements.

Mike Penny

As long as you spec it correctly it will work prefectly.  I've admined a
number of boxes in the past which ran Sybase and Oracle side-by-side - in
one case one machine which ran 3 Oracle servers, and 3 Sybase servers all
on the one machine.

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