SUMMARY: Sending Alerts to Mobile Phone SMS

From: empunzalan <>
Date: Mon Jun 03 2002 - 05:02:24 EDT
Thanks to all those who responded. We'll test the 
feasibility of each one of these recommendations.

Big thanks to the following people:

Bertrand Hutin, Doug Cooper & Christer Eriksson 
    recommend biggbrother (
Matt Duggan for qpage ( and sms
    client (
Yura Pismerov talks about email-to-sms gateways
    usually provided by the cell phone company.
Jim Southerd sent in a script that checks for
    errors and sends them to the cell phone thru
Adam Bisbe mailed the following links :
Pierre Zimmermann suggested sending an accomplished form
    (perl script modified html page with all the fields 
    supplied with appropriate values) to the telco's SMS
    send server and something similar to Y. Pismerov's.
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