SUMMARY: SunBlade 1K/SF280R external FC-AL port?

From: Bill Bradford <>
Date: Mon Jun 03 2002 - 00:29:38 EDT
The only (and best) answer I got was from Al Hopper:

>You want to go from a copper based HSSDC connector (the back of the SB1000)
>to an optical based system.  So you'll need a Media Interface Adapter
>(MIA).  See:
>Given the cost of the MIA, consider a 2200 series Qlogic card from Ebay
>with an optical interface.  You can pick these up for between ~ $175 to
>~$300+.  In other words - for less than the cost of an MIA.
>Al Hopper  Logical Approach Inc, Plano, TX.

Thanks, Al - this was exactly what I needed to know.  Hopefully the 
Interphase cards I picked up for $9 each on eBay might work..


Bill Bradford 
Austin, TX        
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