From: Jeremy Rodriguez <>
Date: Wed May 29 2002 - 05:12:46 EDT
A Big Thank You to all who responded: Patricia Mora, BB, Peter Evans,
Alexander Rogov, Dennis Martens, Thamara Wanigatunga
I am trying to reinstall an OS (Solaris 5.7) on a A1000. I have just added
> 4-18g drives for a total of 8. The problem is that my A1000 is seeing -
> c0t0d0 at install and not c0t0d1 or seeing them both as one drive. I
> it should see 8-18g drives. It just recognizes the original 4-18g. Note
> these drives are from two different vendors IBM and Seagate, both used on
> most sun boxes.

My main goal was to create one large LUN. I had already backed the file
systems so losing data was expected as well as a fresh install of Solaris. I
had to install the Raid Manager software and scsi card onto another sun box.
Bring up the gui, blow away the LUN's (which is why I had to switch boxes),
save, then hook it back up to the original machine and reinstall the OS as I
was planning.
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