Partial SUMMARY: kernel warning message on a Netra T1

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Date: Tue May 28 2002 - 17:40:24 EDT
Many months ago (almost a year ago, to be exact), I posted the 
below-noted query to this list regarding a problem we were experiencing 
on our Netra T1s.  I got several replies, most of which were like "We 
have the same problem, please let us know when you get a solution."

The reason I have not posted a SUMMARY to the Sun Managers list is that 
I don't have a specific solution.  I have found three possibilities, 
two of which were supplied by others on this list.  
One person, (thanks Doug Martin-Vegue) had this quick solution;  

What he did was comment out the "lomp lomp" line in /etc/driver_aliases 
and the error on his system went away.  

That may not have cured the problem, but it stopped the messages on his 
system with no apparent side affects.  

Kirk Gilliam ran the default upgrade via a tip command through a 
network cable attached to the LOM A port on the Netra.  I tried this, 
but it turned out that we had a bad cable (bad cable, no donut!!).  
Here is what Kirk did;

This is how I got the "lom" to work not using a dumb terminal, but on 
the back of another Sun:

        1. Attached the "Silver Null 25 pin with RJ-45 interface on 
back" to a "ttya or ttyb" 		port on the back of a 
        Sun 220r or 420r. 
        2. I attached a standard "cat 5" cable from that interface on 
the Sun 220r (420r) to 		the "lom A port" on the    Netra T1.

        3. From the Sun 220r (420r) I opened a terminal window and type 
the following: "$ tip 		/dev/ttyb -9600". 
                a. It then says "connected". 
                b. I then hit the <enter> key and I get "hostname 
console login" 
        4. I login from there. Here is a cut and paste of how I am 

        carl:/export/home/c6941 $ tip /dev/ttyb -9600 

        ftp1 console login: some_userid 
        Last login: Fri Jan 11 10:57:47 from xxxxxx.corp.bc 
        This is a private system, unauthorized use is prohibited. 
        ftp1:/home/c6941 $ 

The way I upgraded the lom with the patch was through a normal telnet 
session to the netra. But when I ran the "lom -G default" command and 
it ran through it's upgrade, I was in through the "lom console" using 
the method above.

What we did on one system, but haven't had a chance to back up and 
verify the process is this;

Install/re-install the Lights Out Management 2 software off of the 
Solaris 8 Supplement CD, then patch the machine with the LOM patch 
110208-09 (or better, 110208-15 is current).  That made the error 
messages go away on the machine we patched.  As I said, we haven't had 
a chance to test it on another system yet (other people's priorities, 
you know).  

Hope this helps.  Sorry for the delay, but thanks for the help along 
the way.

Gene Beaird 

Original message follows:

> I have just installed the 8_Recommended on one of our Netra T1 
>  Looking at the /var/adm/messages after reboot, I find the following
> line;
> [ID 723599 kern.warning] WARNING: Driver alias "lomp" conflicts with 
> existing driver name or alias.
> Checking SunSolve for this, I found a patch 110208-09 (SUNWlomm) was
> recommended and installed it also.  I still get the same kernel
> warning.  The machine seems to be running okay, but it would sure be
> nice to fix this message.  Has anyone run across this message before?
> Did you fix it?  If so, how?  Did you live with it?  Thank you for any
> info.
> Gene Beaird
> Systems Integrator V
> Sprint E|Solutions ISS
> Houston, Texas
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