SUMMARY: which Solaris 8 server to run Oracle8.1.7

From: Nikul Raval <>
Date: Tue May 28 2002 - 10:44:41 EDT
As always, thanks for the quick and helpful replies managers!

General consensus is to go for V880 over E450 for the task at hand.

I've pasted replies below.

Original post...
> We would like to replace our E3000 (EOL  system).  It will have Solaris 8 and
> will  basically be used to run Oracle 8.1.7 and access databases (about 22,000
> queries per day at the max usage).  There would be a Clarion EMC array
> to it and will be accessed via fiber.
> It would also have to have faster I/O for queries and some room for future
> expansion.
> How do we  pick a server?  Right now we've E450 and E3500 as potential
> candidates.

Thanks Tim Chapman, Jay Lessert, Sydney Weinstein, Peter Ondruska,
Joon Martin Hanse

Replies in no particular order below...

What about trying the new 880? It's relative cheap and has a good
internal bandwith (compared to 450). THE E3500 is a good machine, but I
don't think that U get the same bandwith from the SBUS MBA as from the
fast PCI card.


Have a look at the Fujitsu-Siemens PrimePower Series (Sparc/Solaris) :
A model 600 should do.


Have a look at


in reality the E450 and the E4500 are also EOL'd.

The replacement for the E450 is the V880.  The replacement for the E4500
is the V4800.

Since the V880 costs less than the E450 it replaced, thats a simple

We have clients running Oracle on V880's and are quite happy with it.

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AFAIK, if you are pricing / purchasing hardware brand-new, you would be well
advised to avoid E3500 and get a V880 instead, since:

-price points are MUCH more competetive
-based on Ultra-3 CPU so less likely to be EOL'd "sooner"
-Ram, CPU upgrades are FAR cheaper. ie, a 8-way loaded V880 is ~ $100k USD list
at least 2x for a loaded e3500, I believe, with 8 CPUs (slower - 450mhz instead
750!) and probably less ram as an added penalty
-it is possible that 8-way server will be overkill, I guess concurrency and
response time are the issues to consider, ie, how urgent is it that users get
responses "quickly" ; how many concurrent queries do you expect to have?
you can get a feel for this based on current database stats ....

It is also ?possible? that a quad-V880 will cost "not much more" than a
... and the scaling options are far more attractive.  Even a dual-CPU 880 might
adequate horsepower (1500mhz total, ie, dual 750) to start with .. and then you
still have room to add 6 more CPUs if required ...

of course, if you are repurposing existing hardware that your site owns already
(e450, 3500, etc) - then .. purchase models are all thrown out of whack :-)
Hope this helps a bit,

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