Summary ...Re: SunFire 880 ..SWAP

From: Ath Kar <>
Date: Fri May 17 2002 - 15:02:53 EDT
Thanks to Simon, Bertrand, Larye, Darren, Kanchan,
Todd, Mike, Lars...

It was too fast and Solution was quite simple one,
once I got the answer...

1. makefile 4 gb swaptmpfile
2. swap -a swaptmpfile
3. swap -d orig-swap-partition
4. change orig-swap partition with format command
5. swap -a new-swap-partition (Again add this swap)
6. swap -d swaptmpfile 
7. Change in /etc/vfstab file....

Lars had experienced the problem, but he then rebooted
server directly from Solaris 1/2. Then it was as

Thanks once again..

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