SUMMARY: /etc/mail/access file

From: Mike's List <>
Date: Fri May 24 2002 - 12:42:48 EDT
Thanks to Dave and Lars...from /usr/lib/mail/README (which I didn't have)
DISCARD was the option I was looking for, low system resources used.

- Mike

The value part of the map can contain:

        OK              Accept mail even if other rules in the
                        running ruleset would reject it, for example,
                        if the domain name is unresolvable.
        RELAY           Accept mail addressed to the indicated domain or
                        received from the indicated domain for relaying
                        through your SMTP server.  RELAY also serves as
                        an implicit OK for the other checks.
        REJECT          Reject the sender or recipient with a general
                        purpose message.
        DISCARD         Discard the message completely using the
                        $#discard mailer.  If it is used in check_compat,
                        it affects only the designated recipient, not
                        the whole message as it does in all other cases.
                        This should only be used if really necessary.
        ### any text    where ### is an RFC 821 compliant error code and
                        "any text" is a message to return for the command.
                        The string should be quoted to avoid surprises,
                        e.g., sendmail may remove spaces otherwise.
        ERROR:### any text
                        as above, but useful to mark error messages as
        ERROR:D.S.N:### any text
                        where D.S.N is an RFC 1893 compliant error code
                        and the rest as above.

On Fri, 24 May 2002, Mike's List wrote:

> Is it possible to put /dev/null in your /etc/mail/access file?
> Just been to and I know you can use DISCARD to accept and
> discard incoming mail but is /dev/null works faster/allowable in access?
>	DISCARD		(know it's possible)
>	/dev/null	(equivalent to above or possible?)
> - Mike
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