SUMMARY: Problem with package creation......

From: Deborah Santomauro <>
Date: Fri May 24 2002 - 12:33:21 EDT
Thanks to:

Todd Urie
Serge Borkov


Problem solved by including "cat > $1 <<EOM" within the 'checkinstall' script. 
This is what we were missing and once it was added, our problem was solved.


We've poured over the "Applications Packaging Developers Guide" and followed the 
instructions to the letter, but we're still having a problem.

In changing the "CLASSES" variable to a particular class name within the 
"checkinstall" script, we have found that the files for that class do not get 

Furthermore, in the "preinstall" script and "postinstall" script, the "CLASSES" 
variable does not show the value it was set to in the "checkinstall" script.

Perhaps one of you has a working example that you can share????

We have tried this on both 2.6 and 8 and so far haven't found any answers in the 
Sun docs web site nor does there appear to be a bug report, patch, etc for 
pkgadd or pkgmk that may be a cause for the problem we're having.


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