SUMMARY: HELP: problems with mail clients

From: <>
Date: Tue May 21 2002 - 21:14:15 EDT
Hi -

Before anyone waste any time on the problems described
below, it turns out the source the problems is that
lockd had died on our server box.


The original message:
I have some mysterious problems related to mailx and pine.
The machine is a Solaris 5.8 box.

The following commands will just hang.

  mailx -f foomail, where foomail is in a user's home directory
  cat foomail  (after mailx -f foomail has been invoked)    
  cp foomail foomail2 (after mailx -f foomail has been invoked)

pine will hang if it is accessing mail folders in a user's home directory
and it will hang when it tries to send out mail.

User's home directories are NFS filesystems.

However, mailx -f /var/mail/logname will work and if foomail is moved
to /tmp, then mailx -f foomail will also work.
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