SUMMARY: Sun 280R, 220R video

From: Chad Hendry <>
Date: Thu May 23 2002 - 11:22:13 EDT
Original Post:
We had a four port Belkin Omniview switch and our 220R worked fine with it.
We sent it to another site and replaced it with an existing 8 port Omniview
Pro.    The 220R will not display on the switch and, in fact, the switch
does not detect the Sun's presence.  Another location uses a 16 port version
of the same switch and it works fine with their 280R.   We have a newer
Omniview Pro2.  We stretched a cable down to it and it displays.  In
addition the 4 port that worked with our 220R fails to work with the 280R at
the other location.  At one location, two 280R's with identical hardware are
attached to the same switch.  One works, one fails.

Does anyone have suggestions on configuring the video on the 220 and 280
systems to work with various switches and monitors?

It appears that our problem must be unique.  The only idea seemed to be one
we'd tried, with no success, as follows:

The only time I have ran into this problem with an omni view, I reset it.
Next, made sure it was on the # I was booting and let it go through the
whole boot process and it worked.
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