SUMMARY - SUNWcsr missing pkginfo

From: Steve Bagdon <>
Date: Thu May 23 2002 - 06:13:13 EDT
We've decided not to do anything about this, as Sun has declared any solution un-supportable (as Sun doesn't have a solution beyond reloading the OS), and we have a previous Sun case against this machine for this issue. We'll probably work around reloading the OS (it probably needs it anyway). But there were three general answers:

1) copy the file from another machine.

2) rebuild from a template, identifying the patches loaded for that package from 'showrev -p' and reading the info files from all the loaded (but not '-d' patchadd-ed patched) patches.

3) Thanks Asher:

1. boot cdrom -s 
2. mount / and /usr under /a and /a/usr 
2.5 cross fingers, knock on wood, etc 
3. pkgrm -M /a SUNWcsr 
4. pkgadd -M /a SUNWcsr 

Thanks to:

Chris Josephes
Sarah Eckhause
Michael Hocke
Kathryn Fielding
Asher Frenkel
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