Summary: SunFire-280R, L9, Networker: kern.notice lus_intr(3.0.0): transport failure

From: Broun, Bevan <>
Date: Thu May 23 2002 - 01:14:56 EDT
"Scott Buecker " <> offered a suggestion but the
problem was that the L9 tape library was set to "sequential access" rather
than "random access". Basically this stopped networker being able to
control the auto changer.

We had commercial support for networker and I did get some good help from
this. In particular the "/etc/LGTOuscsi/sjirjc" command which I knew
nothing about.

root@host>/etc/LGTOuscsi/sjirjc 4.0.0   

                Device: 4.0.0

                   Number of Drives: 1
                 Number Drive Pairs: 1
   Number of Import/Export Elements: 0
      Number of Import/Export Pairs: 1
                    Number of Slots: 9
               Number of Slot Pairs: 1
       Number of Transport Elements: 1
          Number of Transport Pairs: 1

      Volume Tags Supported
Initialize Element Status Supported
        Bar Codes Supported        

when things were good. 

root@atlantis>/etc/LGTOuscsi/sjirjc 4.0.0
SJIRJC: Device busy 
Code:0x29, Str=<I/O error>

when things were bad.

the sjirjc command doesn't use the jukebox driver: it directly queries the
jukebox robotic controller across the scsi bus to extract information. If

anther command used was /etc/LGTOuscsi/inquire


on Wed, May 22, 2002 at 10:38:21AM +1000, Broun, Bevan <> wrote:
> I have a fresh Install of Solaris-8 with latest recommended patches. An L9
> tape library is being used by Networker version 5.5.4. On the first full
> backup networker had no problem with with the library. Today networker is
> having trouble operating the L9. The following is appearing in
> /var/adm/messages:
> May 22 09:36:04 atlantis root: [ID 702911 daemon.notice] NetWorker media:
>     (warning) /dev/rmt/1cbn opening: I/O error
> May 22 09:42:30 atlantis last message repeated 3 times
> May 22 09:42:37 atlantis lus: [ID 497811 kern.notice] NOTICE:
>     lus_intr(3.0.0): transport failure (incomplete)
> May 22 09:43:14 atlantis last message repeated 3 times
> May 22 09:44:38 atlantis root: [ID 702911 daemon.notice] NetWorker media:
>     (warning) /dev/rmt/1cbn opening: I/O error
> Looks like some patch is needed. Any info on "lus_intr" ?
> BB
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