SUMMARY: loghost explained

From: pelicancomputers <>
Date: Wed May 22 2002 - 16:57:05 EDT
thank you. everyone said the same thing, and here's a
good answer:

I can concurr - if there is an unexpected network
failure (or someone 
starts playing with the 'ifconfig hme0 unplumb'
command) you still get 
log files.

the only real reason to have loghost after a public IP
is if you are using a centralized log server (which I
would also recommend for those total system failures)

lastly (but certainly not leastly) I've configured my
systems to pass a single 'hosts' file between multiple
systems, and having 'loghost' under the loopback IP
means not having to recreate the hosts file for each 

--- pelicancomputers <> wrote:
> i read there is an advantage to having loghost in
> the /etc/hosts file, after loopback entry:
>     localhost    loghost    loopback
> this prevents logging from stopping if the primary
> interface, where loghost is usually placed, stops
> working.
> can you concur? are there other advantages?
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