SUMMARY: SBus Board Swap (Off-Topic)

From: Slamet Ahmad Fadilah <>
Date: Wed May 22 2002 - 04:06:48 EDT
Sorry for a late summary.

Thanks to Carsten Boeddicker and Justin Stringfellow for their time
responding my email.
(Un-)fortunately I just got a new E4500, so I never try to swap the SBus

Anyway please find their idea :

1. The swap could create a trouble since the controllers depends on the
position in the machine, they get the names from the position of (and on!)
the board. The system might loose the configuration data (because i.e. the
Controllers don't know their disks anymore). Especcially when
there are SCSI-Controllers on the board you should avoid an exchange.

2. It depends what sort of boards they are, and what software you are using.
Disksuite needs paths to say the same, veritas does not. JNI FCE-1064 cards
require the WWNs to stay in the same place hardware-wise, Sun FC-100 cards
do not...

BR, slamet

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> Dear Manager,
> My machine SUN E4500 has 2 SBus I/O boards. 
> SBus1 on slot 3 and SBus2 on slot 5.
> Any idea/experience if the position of both boards exchanged.
> I will summarize.
> Best regards,
> slamet
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