Summary: mmap issue

From: Vijay ch <>
Date: Tue May 21 2002 - 20:13:22 EDT
Thanks to Dave and
There's no need for to to be fixed - you just need to
use fixed offsets
from whatever pointer mmap returns. eg

    unsigned char *base;

    base = (unsigned char *) mmap(........);
    *(base+100) = 'A'; /* write an A to byte 101 of
the file */
    msync(); # flush changes
   I have a group of applications which loads same
datafile into memory and exchange data using that

 One way I can do is mmap to use some fixed address
(say 0x2FC000000) and using MAP_FIXED option in all my
applications. Problem is it may not be safe to given
our own address 
 Is there any other way in which i can acheive the
same thing with out giving fixed address i.e using
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