SUMMARY: IP flaky following a reboot.

From: Rugman, Rob <>
Date: Tue May 21 2002 - 10:55:58 EDT
Thanks go to the following:

Randy Romero, Larye Parkins and Phil Rainey who pointed out that the server
will attempt a reverse lookup on the IP of connecting Telnet clients hence
the huge delay in logging on.

Scott Buecker who suggested a look at the output of netstat -I ge0 which
showed up a not insignificant 1% inbound packet errors, this widened my
search towards more general network errors and this was further backed up by
complaints of abysmal performance of file operations to and from NFS mounts
on the server.  

The final solution to the problem was:

1. Force both the network switch and the ge device to use 1000Mbps Full

2. Tweak the TCP settings using ndd (and a few extra lines in
/etc/init.d/inetinit to preserve the changes on restart) to more suitable
defaults for a gigabit card (thanks to the NetApp site for that one)

3. Apply the latest available patches for the ge device, tcp, and NFS

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From: Rugman, Rob 
Sent: 17 May 2002 14:53
Subject: IP flaky following a reboot.

I shutdown/restarted an E4500 this morning.  Although initially everything
looked fine when it came back up, DNS resolution and Telnet (in and out)
both seem very flaky.  DNS simply refuses to resolve addresses while Telnet
seems to work for some users and not for others.  Other login methods e.g
RLOGIN are fine.
Any thoughts gratefully received.  I'm busily adding hosts entries as a DNS
workaround :)
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