SUMMARY: error "fru: Device busy"

From: topher <>
Date: Mon May 20 2002 - 14:17:27 EDT
Many thanks to:
Joshua Fielden
Justin Stringfellow
Alan Fox

The solution that I took was to kill the sf880drd daemon (isn't that redundant?) using /etc/init.d/sf880dr stop and then moving S77sf880dr to s77sf880dr.  It would appear that sf880drd is the 'magic' behind the little V880 push-buttons and LEDs, so my thought would be to start it back up before trying any PCI hot-plugging/swapping actions...

This is apparently a known issue with V880s right now (not at all related to the T3) and has no known solution (so I most likely would have gotten it from sunsolve if I could get there)

Joshua had a problem that turned out to be the CPU/Mem connection quality - and they replaced the backplane and CPU board...

Thanks all!


topher <> writes:

> Greetings all -
> I've got a V880 running Solaris 8 (with the 4/02 Patch Cluster installed) connected to a T3 running firmware revision 2.00.01 (T3 is configured RAID5 w/o hot spare)
> Of course I can't get to right now to get a later firmware revision for the T3 (keep getting Connection timed out errors) - and all other sources of information have failed me (including the FAQs and the archives).  I'm not completely certain that it's related to the T3, it could be the internal disk - but I can't be certain at this point....
> The problem is a constantly scrolling console error of 'fru: Device busy' - there is no further information in /var/adm/messages or /var/log/syslog - but the error is scrolling by so fast, it's pretty much making the serial console unusable.
> there is an occasional error of "WARNING: bogus error: 0" - but I'm pretty sure that's Java related...  Just don't want to leave out any pertinent information.
> Your thoughts and consideration are appreciated.
> topher
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