SUMMARY: 18GB Drives in D1000 and E450

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Date: Mon May 20 2002 - 09:03:38 EDT
Hello Everyone,

First, I would like to apologize for the delay in submitting my summary.  Here
was my original query:

> Hi All,
> Are there any compatibility issues/problems if I replace a 18GB 10K drive in a
> D1000 with a 18GB 10K drive taken from an E450 server?  I looked up the part
> numbers from SunSolve and got the following description:
> D1000 Drive    540-4178-01     DRV 18GB 10K 1-in SCSI W/SPUD&PLT        -
> E450 Drive     540-4177-01     DRV ASSY 18GB 10K 1-in SCSI W/SPUD        -
> I have extra drives in the E450 and would like to use one of those to replace
> failed drive in the D1000.  Sun Tech Support told me unsupported hardware
> (meaning the drive taken from the E450) could cause problems in the D1000. He
> did not say exactly what problems  this can cause but he suggested we order a
> drive with the correct part number.
> Thanks,
> Khalil

The fact is, although the D1000 and E450 drives may look the same, they are
constructed differently.  The D1000 uses differential (HVD) scsi drives. While,
the E450 uses LVD/SE scsi drives internally. The two types are not compatible
with one another.  It may work, but eventually you may run into some problems.
And of course, Sun Service will not provide service for unsupported hardware.

Thanks to Paul Grieggs, Peter Stokes, Jeff Thomas, Tony Walsh, Stan Pietkiewicz,
Matt D. Harris, Matthew Stier, David Fung, Chris Price, Krister Bergman and
Mohammad Saqib for your quick replies.


Khalil Hammid
Product Support Specialist
Technical Center
Agfa Corporation
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