SUMMARY: DNS Procedure

From: Erwin B. Mendoza <>
Date: Sun May 19 2002 - 22:29:56 EDT

I would like to apologize for the late response in posting the SUMMARY of this
topic. I was not in the office for couple of weeks.
Anyway, I want to thank everyone who responded on this topic. It came to me a
very helpful for every suggestions and tips. Some gave me a link or a suggestion
to download a bind in sunfreeware.

Here are some links:

Thanks and more power.

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Sent: Monday, May 13, 2002 11:18 AM
Subject: DNS Procedure

Hello Everyone,

I'm here asking some questions.... :-)

I would like to ask if anyone could give some links or files on procedure
in setting up a DNS.

It's like having a new solaris box that I will make it a web server.

Any help would highly appreciated....

Thanks and more power....

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