SUMMARY: Linux <-> Solaris NFSv3 not working

From: Dragon King <>
Date: Sat May 18 2002 - 11:31:32 EDT
Much thanks for the help from:
Rick Kelly
Francisco Puente
Michael DeSimone
Josh Glover
Michael Sullivan
David Foster
Rik Schneider

Unanimous response was look at the kernel to make sure support was
compiled in, some said kernel 2.4.. Rik Schneider also pointed out for NFSv3 patches for the 2.2.19 kernel. That set me
on the correct path.

From the NFS page I learned that NFSv3 over TCP that I wanted wasn't
available until the 2.4 kernels.. Armed with that, I went back to the homepage and started looking for sun4c support. Not finding
anything recent, I joined the sparc linux mail-list and asked there.
Almost immediately I got a response that sun4c support just got fixed. I
can either wait for the next kernel release or apply a patch. So, I've put
this thought on hold until the new kernel.

Thanks for the help everyone.


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