Summary: SunFire 880 SWAP

From: Ath Kar <>
Date: Fri May 17 2002 - 17:57:47 EDT

Thanks once again. I was confused with df -k output.
As this is my first time to work on Solaris 8, I saw 
swap ..mounted on /var/run first time. And secondly, I
overlooked swap is displayed in "blocks" not in

Thanks to Michael, Darren, Tim, John, Scott, Jed and
Simon, Bertrand, Larye, Darren, Kachan, Todd who
solved my firs query... My summary could not be
distributed (why ? I donot know the reason ..Moderator
approval ?) Hence I am giving Summary again..

We can change primary swap by adding temporary swap
and then by changing partition for original swap and
activate it again as follows:

1. makefile 8g /export/home/swapnew (make new swap
   file for temporary perpose)
2. swap -a /export/home/swapnew     (to add swap)
3. swap -l                          (to check swap)
4. swap -d /dev/dsk/<swap partition> (disable swap)
5. format (make a swap partition as desire)
6. swap -a /dev/dsk/<swap partition>
7. swap -d /export/home/swapnew (added for tmp
8. Also change the entry for swap in /etc/vfstab, if
you have defined different partition)

Thats it

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