Summary: Backing up a veritas file system questions

From: Paul LaMadeleine <>
Date: Fri May 17 2002 - 09:28:44 EDT

         This just goes to show my unfamiliarity with veritas (this is the 
first time I'm deploying it).  When doing a "man -k" for dump,backup,vx I 
never saw any commands to backup the system.  the veritas man pages were 
not in the man path - I had thought that the installation would have taken 
care of that, guess not.  When I went to the veritas books, I looked up 
backup and dump and did not see anything about vxdump (when I looked up 
vxdump it was there though).  Now I know to look things up by keyword with 
a vx in front when looking in the index of those books.

         The anwser from around 50 people so far - use vxfsdump/vxdump.  A 
couple people have said they have used ufsdump successfully as it is a usf 
file system.

         I would like to thank everyone for not blasting me with "read the 
manual" type responses.  Not one negative, degrading response for what 
actually turned out to be a really simple question.



At 11:35 AM 5/16/02 -0400, Paul LaMadeleine wrote:
>         After reading bunches of archives and veritas docs, I can't seem 
> to find my answer.  What I need to do is backup all file systems on a box 
> to a remote tape drive.  We do not have and "official" backup software, 
> just stuff that comes with solaris.  What I was doing before we installed 
> veritas file systems on this server was I was just using ufsdump to dump 
> to a remote tape drive.
>         I don't think I can, but I thought I'd ask anyway - can you use 
> ufsdump to dump veritas file systems?
>         Is there a better way then tar (or gtar) for backing up these 
> filesystems?
>         And we have no money in the budget to purchase any software for 
> doing backups.
>         thanks,
>         Paul
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