SUMMARY:- largefiles on VxFS

From: Suhas BHIDE <>
Date: Fri May 17 2002 - 05:03:02 EDT
Thanks a lot for all who have responded to this.

The answer is to run:

/usr/lib/fs/vxfs/fsadm -o largefiles /filesystem

The only point is that "mount" does not show the "largefiles" but fsadm
will show this.

Thanks a lot to all those listed below:

Amit Mahajan
Wolfgang Kandek
Jason Wood
Mike D. Kail
John Riddoch

Regards...Suhas Bhide
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Hi All...

I am using VxVM 3.0.4 and VxFS 3.3.3  on our E450 machines. I need to
some volumes to support largefiles which are currently not supporting.
I checked the mkfs syntax but could not find anything wherein I can do this
when the filesystem is mounted.
Can anyone help me on this ? Thanks in advance.

Suhas Bhide
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