SUMMARY: market share of Tape drive technologies

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Date: Thu May 16 2002 - 14:39:31 EDT
Thanks to the poeple who replied -
Jeff Kennedy, Alex Wilkinson, David Foster and 
FM Taylor.
I could not find exactly what i was looking for but David Foster pointed me towards an excellent comparison of tape technologies at
I would probably go with AIT over mammoth since it was overwhelmingly preferred by the respondents and there is a clear future roadmap for AIT which mammoth doesnt have yet.

Thanks for ur time.

My original post : 

 I know its a little off topic but can anyone point me to a  link/page/document which shows the relatively current market share for different tape drive technologies in the tape backup-restore market. I am specifically looking for "AIT-2" and "Mammoth2" market share to choose between them.

Thanks and will summarize.
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