From: Kruse, Jason K. <>
Date: Wed May 15 2002 - 11:35:56 EDT
Thanks to:
Davorin Bengez
Greg Gallagher
Michael C. Ibarra
Jim Jones
Dennis Peterson 
Eric Shafto

No real answer that works with Solaris 8/F-Secure.  
Responses included:

rksh - Restricts shell nicely, however sftp still can access directories
/bin/true vs /bin/false (no shell access vs no access at all)
OpenSSH w/chroot patch

We're working on converting to OpenSSH, but until that happens we'll just
have to keep our eyes open.


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> Subject: SSH/SFTP lockdown
> We have a customer who has requested using sftp to access files on our
> system.  I would like to restrict their access to their home 
> directory,
> however F-Secure does not provide the chroot ability on Solaris.  
> I attempted to assign the user a bogus shell like /bin/false 
> or noshell but
> sftp just complained.  Other than creating a chroot 
> environment by hand
> (using jail or something similar) does anyone have other 
> suggestions to
> restrict access?
> Jason
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