[SUMMARY] Upgrade of sparcstation-10 from Solaris 2.5.1 -> 8 (PROM issues etc)

From: David Foster <foster_at_dim.ucsd.edu>
Date: Tue May 14 2002 - 15:39:10 EDT
Question: Am I limited to 1GB/2GB root partition on a Sparc-10?

Consensus was that you're limited to a 2GB partition, as there is
no 3.x PROM version for the sun4m architecture. The FAQ states that
with PROM 2.5 or less you're limited to 1GB. 

I received a freebie upgrade to 2.25, and have configured / to be 1.2GB 
and have not had any problems, other than that it wants to boot from 'net' 
no matter what I set for "boot-device"; I have to explicitly "boot disk" (my
aliases for disk and disk0 are correct).

Thanks to:

Matthew Stier
Darren Dunham
Dragon King

> I need to upgrade a Sparcstation-10 from Solaris 2.5.1 to 8.
> PROM version is 2.12, and according the FAQ (5.60) I see that with this
> older PROM I'm limited to a 1GB root partition.
> My question is, if I upgrade the PROM will I still be limited
> to, say, 2GB for root partition? I would like to us a 4GB system
> disk. I've checked the archives.
> Any other gotchas anyone can share with me for this upgrade?
> Currently using a GX frame-buffer, which is supported under
> Solaris 8 (I've been bitten by that before...oh gee we don't
> support that fb anymore).
> Thanks, summary to follow.

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