SUMMARY: SSA 110 fans failed

From: Patricio Mora <>
Date: Tue May 14 2002 - 13:43:14 EDT
No answer: no solution. Pray for your filesystems if a dualed SSA fan breaks. Thanks God, we only lost networker indexes. Many thanks anyway.

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It's almost solutioned, but I've serious doubts about what was going on on my e10k domain. There are two
dual controler SSAs (every fs mirrored with VM on the contrary SSA), an A1000, and the boot RSM attached.
Yesterday from 22h to 00:45 these messages where continously appearing:

May  9 10:06:11 pepe unix: ID[] soc1: port 0 WWN 8a1553: message: Fans have failed!
Expect over temperature condition soon

At 00:55 oracle stopped itself saying it can't write something to disk. When we get in at 7 this morning,
filesystems in RSM and A1000 where responding normally, but even an ls on an SSA fs hung. We had to hard
stop (~#) because the domain didn't sync, and boot, fsck,...

What happened?, why the loss of the active controller or a power failure in an SSA is less harmful (VM
disabling mirrors) than the situation described? How can we prevent ourselves from this happening again?

Any hint will be much appreciated, many thanks to all of you.
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