SUMMARY: network stats

From: Jeff Kennedy <>
Date: Mon May 13 2002 - 17:04:23 EDT
I knew about netstat but it has no reporting capabilities like iostat;
'iostat -xc 2' to see what I mean.  I was looking for thruput statistics
of the kb per time increment variety, not merely packets.

It appears there is no native tool to do this, so ntop it must be.

Thanks to everyone who replied.  All but 2 gave some netstat option
(which did not give me what I was looking for), the other 2 said ntop.


Jeff Kennedy wrote:
> I'm sure I'm just having a mis-fire of the synapses but I can't remember
> if it exists and I can't find it if it does.
> Is there a native Solaris tool (pre-8) that will monitor/report network
> statistics similar to iostat?  I'm looking for something that will tell
> me how much data is passing across my gigabit interface per second.
> Thanks.

Jeff Kennedy
Unix Administrator
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