SUMMARY: /var file removal question

From: Tom Kartanowicz <>
Date: Thu May 09 2002 - 17:20:49 EDT
Many thanks to Somesh Nagthan, Hemant, Elizabeth Lee, Steve Wills ,Ramini
Gabriel and Bryan L. Moore.
for quick and informative responses.

The short answer is : Don't remove those files unless you want to loose
control of system software.


Replies follow:

All the package administration tools (pkgrm, pkgadd, ecc)
depends on the contents of that directory.
Removing it means to loose control of the system software... 

Removing them is probably a bad idea if you plan on administering the box
cleanly in the future, installing patches, etc. I'm guessing you need disk
space in /var? Try moving the sadm dir to somewhere with more space and
a symlink to it.

better leave /var/sadm/pkg alone -- in fact, leave /var/sadm alone.

Do not touch /var/sadm directory.

the package administration commands use this i would
strictly advise you to NOT mess with it at all.

I believe when you remove the record of it being installed, if you ever do a
pkgrm on the package, it comes back saying no package of that name
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