SUMMARY: Laptop console for Solaris SPARC server?

From: Giovanni Navarrette <>
Date: Thu May 09 2002 - 15:18:30 EDT
Hey everyone:

Thanks for the swarm of responses! I love this list :D

My issue was basically what EVERYONE said: null modem adapter. I got
output (but no input) with the Cisco 678 console cable I had (its
different from a normal Cisco console cable), so I tried this and it

sun-box -> null modem adapter -> straight through rj-45 ethernet ->
rj45-db25 adapter -> db25-to-db9 -> pc running secureCRT.

I'm sure I can simplify it, but for now I'm jumping up and down with glee
as it works, so now I can try to simplify it and make my cable with less
parts. Thanks to EVERYONE who replied, y'all are great!!!

Have an excellent day!

Giovanni Navarrette
USLink Internet Systems Administrator
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