SUMMARY: Any danger booting 167Mhz U2 Systems 64-bit Solaris 8?

From: Caparroso, Nelson T. (AAS) <>
Date: Wed May 08 2002 - 14:32:16 EDT
Mnay of you are saying that apart from the "theorethical" possibility of a
code stalling the CPU, it should be perfectly okay to run the 167Mhz based
UltraSparc II based systems (mine are Ultra Enterprise 2's) in 64-bit mode.
To those that are'not aware how this is done, it is actually displayed at
startup - to read the man pages on boot (4m) and is as simple as creating
the boot.conf file under the /platform/<platform_name> directory with the


But as far as the benifits in doing so, it all depends on what your needs
are. Mine was just the safety and stability part of it in addition to we are
actually finding the 64-bit drivers and modules to be more robust than the
32-bit ones...

Thanks all.


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> I've a couple of U2's which I've upgraded to Solaris 8... I added a
> boot.conf to force it to boot 64-bit always. Is there any danger to
> forcing these systems to run the 64-bit kernel (which basically is 32/64
> anyways..)?
> Thanks.
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