SUMMARY: HW error on my E250?

From: Jonas Blåberg <>
Date: Wed May 08 2002 - 03:27:42 EDT

I got this message from lots of people: "Use prtdiag -v"

The strange thing is that the output from prtdiag -v differ from the actual
LEDs on the front panel. POWER SUPPLY ERROR says OFF but it is still yellow!

Also a manual
tch(Z400037430C1)#Z400037430C1?) said that the General Fault LED should be
yellow if any other fault has been detected. It is not yellow!

I also got some replies with hints of what to do if there is an inconsistancy
between LEDs and prtdiag -v output:

	The prtdiag command (/usr/platform/sun4u/sbin/prtdiag) should show you which
	component is faulty.  I have had this happen on an E250 when I interrupted
	boot process, when there was not actually anything faulty.  The light stayed
	on, but there was no fault.  The solution I used to get it to go out was to
	physically power it off, and then start it up again.  This may not be an
	option, but if you can reboot the machine would be a useful test if prtdiag
	doesn't show an error.

	Run `/usr/platform/sun4u/sbin/prtdiag -v |more`
	This will identify any hardware problems you may have, with very few
	exceptions.  If the wrench light remains orange and yet prtdiag does not
	report any problems, try running SunVTS or somesuch.  If nothing comes
	up, call in Sun support.

Many thanks to:

Graham Wood []
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Steve Wills []
Bob Rahe []
Matthew SAMS []
Christophe Dupre []


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> Dmne:	HW error on my E250?
> Hello!
> I have an E250 where the front-end lamp marked with a "flash" symbol has
gone orange. Both power supplies are showing two green lights. I have not
found anything in the messages log (and syslog should be configured to put
everything interesting there). Nothing is behaving strange in the machine. I
installed an extra NIC two weeks ago, but it is working as it should.
> Which units are showing problems through the "flash" symbol on the front?
> Is there any way to find out which unit is erroneous?
> /jonas
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