SUMMARY : Sendmail vs other smtp

From: Johny Smith <>
Date: Tue May 07 2002 - 22:56:01 EDT
Here are expert ideas I got regarding this below question

I am creating new mail server/set up for my client (ISP) n wondering which
is the best  for mailserver either sendmail or postifx or  qmail or any
other n also suggest pop3 server , according to ur experience specially in

>From : Leonard R Smith II <>

1)       I would highly reccomend the Cyrus IMAP distribution. It is
available at Its really versatile and allows for many
different auth methods, via SASL ( also at the above site) Some of the key
features is that berkley DB is used to keep track of mailbox info, also
each mail message is in its own file, rather than a berkley mailbox file.
This is really good for users who have large mailboxes. Also Cyrus has
features such as duplicate email message supression, in case user receives
two of the same email, etc.

         It was a pain to get working initially due to minimal docs, etc
but we got it to compile and all work in 64 bit mode, on Solaris 8. IF you
decide to got this route and run into any problems or would like to see
our "build notes" which has our compile flags, etc let me know.

         Also as a data point we use use Kerberos 4 or plaintext auth,
along with sieve filtering, etc.

       Len Smith
       University of Michigan
       College of LSA, IT

2) From :       Dave Steinberg

        My personal experience is largely with Qmail - I liked it very much 
the Maildir format - its not easily corrupted like mbox.  That was the big
plus that drew me to qmail.  That, and the mass of documentation holding my
hand through the setup.  See

Qmail is definitely simpler to use once you get the hang of it - the conf
files are much easier to understand than in sendmail.  However, if you 
want to install the myriad of additional tools that DJB recommends, you may
find yourself with a beast trickier than sendmail.
The reliability and ease of comprehension were the two things that led me to
Qmail.  I came to this with a relatively clean slate, so if you're solid
with Sendmail, then don't consider a moment longer - go with Sendmail.

3)) Alex Stade" <>

Personally I like sendmail because that is what I've worked with for 8 
But postfix is nice and simple to configure as well; something that sendmail
isn't. I've found that qmail, while very fast and quite stable, lacks many
features of sendmail and postfix and is quite the mess to set up. You
basically have to compile from source. During the build phase of qmail, UIDs
and GIDs get compiled into the binaries. I suppose this was done as a
security precaution, but it really doesn't make much sense if you need to
package something up.

Sendmail is probably the undisputed champion in SMTP land, mainly because of
the broad user base and that functionality is always added to it. However, 
you're very paranoid about security, you should probably look more toward
qmail than sendmail. Postfix is supposedly very secure as well.

4) Fabrice Guerini <>
For SMTP: Sendmail 8.12.x
For IMAP/POP: iPlanet Messaging Server
Should you follow this advice, it would mean you'd have to use different
servers to handle the different protocols, otherwise iPlanet will
monopolize the port 25.

Many people recommend Postfix because it is easier to configure than
Sendmail (this is true), but nothing is as versatile as Sendmail, and an
ISP should have the expertise to configure it.

5)      Tim Chipman <>
     IMHO, you should use postfix and not sendmail, due to

     -ease of configuration

there are other nice features for postfix which make it ideal for large ISP
mail server environments as well ; for an excellent article on deploying
such, you might want to read the URL,

for some good infos. (even if you are not rolling out webmail ... )
There are lots of good free pop mail softwares available, qualcomm gives one
away that is quite widely used and has been somewhat improved in its
implementation with the most recent version, I think. (it also supports
various secure auth modes which is a bit of a good novelty IMHO - most pop
daemons are inherently VERY insecure, doing plaintext password auth by

6) Nicolas Cartron" <>

        Qmail is very simple to configure, and Postfix rather secure.
Both are much simplier than sendmail

7) Karl Vogel" <>

    Qmail is safe, fast, and you can set up neat things like quota-checking
    out of the box.
    has the source plus docs.


8) Steve Hunt <>
        exim ( rocks highly recommended

    is an excellent installation and usage guide.

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