SUMMARY: SparcStation20 internal NIC devices?

From: McCaffity, Ray (Contractor) <>
Date: Tue May 07 2002 - 10:56:27 EDT
Thanks to the 2million who suggested "le0", this would have worked,
but I had to chage one other thing.  Go to the OK prompt and
setenv tpe-link-test? true,   reboot with a -r, bingo, it works.


>We have some "OLD" sparcstation20's that
>we were going through the AUI port to thin-net adapters
>for our network.  (I know, it's ancient, but it's what we had).
>So we finally upgraded to ethernet/cat5 this week.  All of these
>boxes have RJ-45 connectors on the back, but I can't seem to plumb them.
>These are the ports built-into the back on the box, not a card.
>I've tried, hme0, sr0, fe0, (I know they aren't qfe or ge)
>Does anyone know what the /dev/  NIC devices are?  How can I find out
>what they are?  Even though they are running Solaris 7, there is no
>prtdiag or prtconfig command.
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