Summary: Suggestion required.

From: Badri narayanan <>
Date: Tue May 07 2002 - 02:28:09 EDT

 I am thankful to the following list of people who had
spent their valuable time for me. 

2.Todd urie
3.Rick Waegner
4.Liam Baker
5.John England
6.Matthew Stier
7.Ashish Nanjiani
8.Sid Wilroy
9.David Levy.

     I am thankful to all others also who keep repling
my query.

   As everybody had quoted, I will try to increase the
swap space with the free space available with my
system. I had started the purchase and I am sure that
I may not be landing up with any problem, if at all
so, I have a complete listing of people backing up me
from the above list. I am thankful for the entire
group fo giving me such a valuable suggestions.

Thanks to one and all

Kindly forgive for my delay in this correspondence.

P.N.Badri narayanan

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