SUMMARY: Should NIS master be also NIS client?

From: Min Oo Tint <>
Date: Sun May 05 2002 - 13:58:27 EDT
Thanks for all those who replied:

Angel Rivera 
Tony Tran 
Jennifer Stults
David Foster
Vahid Moghaddasi
Hichael Morton
Dave Anderson
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I could say that I did every thing right in getting NIS up and except to
check the file, /etc/nsswitch.conf was correct. After doing sys-uncofnig the
system renamed the file to /etc/nsswitch.nis. Replacing /etc/nsswitch.conf
/etc/nsswitch.nis resolved the problem I had.

Many thanks to  all who replied.


Min Oo


* NIS master normally is also a client, make sure that you view/modify
/etc/nsswitch.conf to reflect NIS usage and make sure exported FS are
mounted on different location than they are being exported from so you wont
craete a deadlock.


* But I'm not sure whether the NIS maps are preserved after a sys-unconfig,
look in /var/yp/`domainname` to check. 

* Master and client is just conceptual. master is the one that is providing
the service (NIS service) client is the one that is getting the information
from the master. Now if you are logged into the NIS server , and run the YP
command: "ypmatch passwd min" to find out what your NIS passwd is for
example, you are really requesting a service, therefore this nis master is
now a client

* Your nis server should be a client as well , unless you dont need the nis
info it's distributing

* don't forget to set /etc/defaultdomain

* If you want the machine that is the NIS master server to be able to use
NIS, you will need to make it a client of itself or an NIS server.  Sun says
it is possible to make the machine that is the NIS master server a client of
an NIS slave server and not compromise the NIS master server processes.

* When a system is configured to run NIS services, it does not necessarily
mean it needs to consume the same NIS services it provides.  Thus, the
client and the server are in two pieces.  The "ypinit",
/usr/lib/netsvc/yp/ypstart and ypstop scripts and /etc/rc.* scripts assume
if your running a slave or server you need to start both the server and the
client pieces up.In most cases, yes, the NIS/YP master and slaves run both
the server and the client. The biggest reason not to setup the NIS master as
a client is if you move the NIS files to /var/nis or /var/nisfiles and do
not let the general public login to the server host.  You need to modify a
few files, namely /etc/init.d/nis.client and /var/yp/Makefile, but some
higher security environemnts like this.  The general I/T does not know how
to deal with it, so it is generally not done.

* Yes, you need to run ypbind on any machine that needs to query the NIS
maps, even if the machine already happens to be running ypserv for the same
NIS  domain. Usually ypbind will bind to the NIS server on the same host,
although it doesn't have to be that way (if you have redundant NIS servers).


Commands suggested are:

ypinit -m 	<- to start up NIS master

If they aren't then you'll need to rebuild the maps using your text  files:

cd /var/yp
make NOPUSH=1

and WWW pages referal:


Original Question:

Need help here, I recently sys-unconfig our NIS server. It is up and running
now but  I notice although I setup the our network with some help but I can
remember whether if I should also set NIS master as also client.

What I now notice is that since all NIS information are now available on
other computers on the network but it is not visible on the NIS server. I
assume that if start a
client up then NIS master should see all the DB.

Is there is/are a reason why I should setup my NIS master as client and if
so what?

May be I am talking rubbish but none of the users exists on NIS master and
what do I need to do so that I can see them 
again on NIS master. 

Can I have NIS master as client?
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