Summary: - 16gb of ram in a sun 280r

From: Art Hebert <>
Date: Thu May 02 2002 - 12:39:23 EDT

>    I have been reading about 280rs and sun says the max memory is 8gb.
>    Looking at third party memory companies they say it can go to 16gb of
> memory.


	They ranged from:

	- No  Problems
	- It will work but sun may not support it
	- Sun will have this in August
	- No way it will work

Here are the responses - I am going to remove the names:

I am a reseller of SUN hardware &  third party memory.  It is my experience
that most servers can handle more
memory than the manufacturers allow.   Additional memory should be a
problem.  However there
many be problems with maintenance.  SUN may not support the server.  Or if
there is a hardware failure of some sort, they may not support it due to the
additional memory.   If its a production box, it may not be a good idea.
If you are using it for test & development,  I'd probably go ahead.

It works from what I understand.  Just keep in mind that Sun service can
refuse service if you're using non Sun memory....

Dataram does offer an 8GB option for the Sun Fire 280R which 
will take your system to a maximum capacity of 16GB instead of 8GB. 
I can give you references if need be. We offer a lifetime warranty on 
our memory. 
The 280R/Sun Blade 1000 has 8 DIMM slots, two banks of four.

I'm not aware of anybody in production with a 2GB DIMM for this
box (not a standard PC133 DIMM).  In fact, I'm not aware of anybody
anywhere with any kind of 2GB DIMM for any box, period.  Not Crucial,
not Kingston, not PC guys like Samsung/Corsair.  I suspect you need
to find smarter third party memory companies, the guys you're talking
to now aren't very good.  :-)

The Sun rep that was here said that currently the Sparc III technology
handles 4Gb per processor (The280R is capable of handling dual processors).
Also, due out in around August the capabilty was for each processor to
handle 8Gb of memory. I would guess the third party memory companies are
looking to the near future or Sun is ahead of schedule. 
2 processors * 4 Gb memory= 8Gb in the Sun literature 
2 processors * 8Gb memory = 16 Gb the third party memory companies are

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