Summary: Fully Documented Full System Restore

From: Boldin, Bob <>
Date: Wed May 01 2002 - 09:13:15 EDT

	I received 2 replies to the initial Inquiry I sent out the other week - Thanks Tony and David.  One was a 50 page document that was developed and covered the restore of systems in exquisite detail.  It did not however address the use of Netbackup.  Our internal sa has also sent me his very rough draft of the procedures he went through to get our particular system up which is another 20+ pages.  As time allows and I receive any other input I will attempt to assemble these pieces into a final document that I will make available to anyone having an interest.  If there is overwhelming interest will see if I can post it somewhere and then publish it's link to the group.

As always thanks for the help!

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> Managers,
> 	Was wondering if anyone has a complete step by step detailed procedure to perform a full system restore.  We have gotten the system mostly back at this time but have felt ALOT of pain along the way for not having a procedure.  Fortunately this happened on the test environment so no outage was incurred and we had time to figure it out.  We will also be developing a document on this procedure and I will post it but figured I'd ask in the mean time to see what you all had.  Of course I will post the procedure as a Summary.
> Veritas encapsulated root disk (vxinstall type that put everything into rootdg including /opt)
> Veritas Netbackup was backup method
> System Running Sun Cluster 2.2 / Oracle DB
> Shared D1000 (Nvramc used to set scsi-initiator) ** Story in itself {use of set-defaults can really hurt in this case}
> Jumpstart or boot server not available - only a cdrom
> Some things we have learned.
> 1.) You definately can not restore over top of an active OS.  Makes for cpu panics
> 2.) The Use of Netbackup makes it interesting as you do not have the ability to restore while booted from cdrom
> 3.) The inclusion of everything in rootdg is not a good thing (Have now bought the Sun blueprints book "Boot Disk Management" and learned alot - sure wish whoever built these systems had read it also)
> 4.) You have to set specific options for the Netbackup Restore so that Links work
> 5.) You have to un-encapsulate Veritas
> 6.) It's not easy to try and fix a broken layout on top of putting the system back into operation
> Thanks and appreciation for any insights,
> Bob Boldin
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