SUMMARY: Digi PortServer II Rack

From: Marco Greene <>
Date: Wed May 01 2002 - 08:51:16 EDT
Only really got once response....

Here it is....I have decided to go ahead and order it...I will let you
know if anything doesn't work as advertised.

> I am looking at purchasing one of these puppies to handle my Sun
> servers.  One thing that concerns me a bit though is the fact 
> that they
> are not too clear on which cable I need.
> I have a mixture of E4500's, E3000, E420R, E250s.
> So this posting is really for three questions:
> 1)  Has anyone had any good (or bad) experiences with this terminal
> server.
I have one working fine here. I have no issues with it.
> 2)  Which cable do I need to have made up as I need longer cables then
> Digi provides.
I'm using custom made 8 pin cables ( with altpin enabled in the
for DB25 machine (most sun servers)
for Netra:

> 3)  I used to work with the Annex terminal server and for 
> that I didn't
> have to do any special setup at the server end.  Just configure the
> ports on the Annex and plug it into the serial port on the server.
> Since there was no monitor/keyboard attached, the server defaulted to
> TTYa...and all I had to do was telnet to a specific port and 
> voila....a
be aware that  PS II doesn't have port buffering like annex have ( to
you a couple of line before you connected) 
the portserver TS with latest firmware should have that ( as promised by
digi) + SSH server
Digi says they have no plan to add that features to ths PS II

> console.  What is this realport driver all about with the 
> digi product?
never had to use it. 
> I would assume they work pretty close to the same.

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