SUMMARY: solaris on intel: boot on cdrom?

From: Gerard Henry <>
Date: Mon Apr 29 2002 - 07:02:52 EDT
Thanks to all who respond:
Ian Fitchet <>
"Kamalan Govender" <>

but i see that i'm not explaining as well my problem. What i want is to 
boot on cdrom to repair a disk already installed.
So if i boot from cdrom at power-up, when install asks for:
Solaris Interactive or Custom Jumpstart, i have to enter: b -s and i 
boot on cdrom,,can mount hard drive on /a and repair.

Gerard Henry wrote:
> hello,
> we are trying to install sol8 on intel machine, but we have problem on 
> hard disk and want to boot on cdrom to repair disk.
> on sparc we can do: boot cdrom -s
> on nintel, how we can do the same? and when?
> We have no X working, no network.
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